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        100 years ago, on 17th May 1920, the Dutch national airline KLM’s first flight took place, from London
        to Amsterdam. Scheduled services began in 1921.
        90 years ago, on 24th May 1930, British aviator Amy Johnson became the first woman to fly solo from
        England to Australia.
        80 years ago, on 2nd May 1940, the 1940 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan, were cancelled, due to
        World War II.
        75 years ago 1940 (World War II) 2nd May, The Battle of Berlin ended. Allied victory which led to the
        surrender of all German forces by 8th/9th May, and the end of the war in Europe. 8th May, VE Day (Victory
        in Europe) – celebrated as a public holiday 28th May.
        70 years ago, on 13th May 1950, the first Formula One World Championship race was held, at Silver-
        stone in England. (This race is also known as the 1950 British Grand Prix.)
        60 years ago, on 23rd May 1960, Israel announced that Nazi Adolf Eichmann had been captured in
        Argentina. He was tried, sentenced to death and executed in June 1962.
        50 years ago, on 8th May 1970, the Beatles released their final album, Let it Be.
        40 years ago, on 5th May 1980, Operation Nimrod took place, when the British SAS stormed the Iranian
        Embassy in London after a six-day siege.
        30 years ago, on 22nd May 1990, Max Wall, British music hall, stage, film and TV comedian, and actor
        died. Acclaimed for his serious roles as well as his comic talents.
        20 years ago, on 3rd May 2000, Ken Livingstone was elected as the first Mayor of London
        10 years ago, on 6th May 2010, the British General Election ended in a hung parliament. A coalition
        government was formed by the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats, with Conservative Party
        Leader David Cameron
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