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Lessons from the birds                                                                                   ChurCh DireCtory

                                                                                                                 ACTIVITIES & CONTACTS
        On my daily walk, I’ve taken the time to notice as many different birds as I can
        and try and identify them by sight or sound.                                        PCC Secretary                       CLB/CGB
        Some of the most colourful I’ve seen have been Goldfinches. What follows is a       Trevor Dunkerley            843682  Trevor Dunkerley            843682
        poem by one of my favourite poets, Mary Oliver.
                                                                                            Treasurer                           Baptism Co-ordinator
        Goldfinches                                                                         Alan Makinson               660379  Audrey Walker               840225

        In the fields we let them have -                                                    Infant/Junior Church Co-ordinator   Building Issues etc.
        in the fields we don’t want yet -                                                   Barbara Adams               844670  Churchwardens
        where thistles rise out of the marshlands                                                                               Childcare Village
        of spring,                                                                          Electoral Roll Officer                                          843556
        and spring open each bud a settlement                                               David Westhead              291319
        of riches                                                                                                               Flowers
        a coin of reddish fire -                                                            Parish Room Bookings                Rachel Holt (St Saviour’s)   299457
        the finches wait for midsummer,                                                     See Churchwardens                                          07754 890731
        for the long days,                                                                  Registrar of Giving                 Karen Procter (St James)               849884
        for the brass heat,                                                                 Colin Noden                 841388  Magazine
        for the seeds to begin to form in the                                                                                   Audrey Walker (Distribution)   840225
        hardening thistles,                                                                 Ladies Fellowship                   Trevor Dunkerley (Production)   843682
        dazzling as the teeth of mice,                                                      Kath Moss                   842265
        but black,                                                                          Beryl Lynch                 591919  Children’s Society
        filling the face of every flower.   and lay their pale-blue eggs,                   Meets third Sunday of the month (usually)  Debbie Warrington    845314
        Then they drop from the sky.        every year,
        A buttery gold, they swing on the    and every year the hatchlings wake in
        thistles, they gather               the swaying branches,
        the silvery down, they carry it in their   in the silver baskets,
        finchy beaks                        and love the world.                                 PCC Members 2019-2020/21
        to the edges of the fields,         Is it necessary to say any more?
        to the trees, as though their minds were   Have you heard them singing in the           Vicar                   847454  Kath Moss                842265
        on fire                             wind, above the final fields?
        with the flower of one perfect idea  Have you ever been so happy in your                Jacqui Adams            299440  Howard Moston            847940
        and there they build their nests    life?                                               Trevor Dunkerley        843682  Emma O’Donnell     07813 889016
                                                                                                Debbie Emmott           413420  Sophie Poulton     07976 029567
        Perhaps the first lesson that birds can teach us is about faith, that is to trust God   Anne Hinchliffe         881149  Kirsten Stott      0161 287 7645
        in all things. Recall Jesus’ words: Look at the birds in the sky; they do not sow       Peter Lomas             846605  Anna Taylor        07707 309688
        and reap and store in barns, yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not           David Lynch             591919  Deborah Warrington       845314
        worth more than the birds?....How little faith you have.’ Matthew 6.
        As I watched the Goldfinches, they were working hard to find food. Another les-         Alan Makinson                   David Westhead           291319
        son is that faith and actions go together.                                              David Marsland          845907  DS = Deanery Synod Representative
        With less noise, enjoy the sight and sounds of birds.
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