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inSPIRE  Issue 20  l  May 2020

 Revd. David Woodall – Tel: 0161 620 5981  David writes…
 Baptisms, Banns, Marriages by prior arrangement with the Vicar
 Rev. Howard Moston – Tel: 847940
 David Marsland – Tel: 845907   l   Kath Moss – Tel: 842265  Prayer and Promise

 Audrey Walker & Trudy Theobold  Dear Friends,  which we are called to pray and work
 DIRECTOR OF MUSIC  HOPE that you are coping. Please do  for in our daily lives – ‘Your Kingdom
 Howard Moston. Tel: 847940  Ibe in touch if you would like to talk or  come, your will be done on earth as
 Choir meets on Thursdays in St James’ Church   pray, or if you have a prayer request.   in heaven’.
 Children: 6.20pm-7.20pm – Adults 7-8pm  Oración, gebet, preghiera. Do you rec-  Before Jesus ascended, he prayed for
        ognise these words? They are Spanish,  those who gathered at Bethany with
 MAGAZINE EDITOR/PRINTING & DISTRIBUTION  German, and Italian for ‘Prayer.’ Ac-  him. We are told that Jesus, now at
 Trevor Dunkerley – Tel: 843682   l   Audrey Walker – Tel: 840225  cording to research done by Jeanet  the right-hand side of God, intercedes
 NEW PARISH WEBSITE  Sinding Bentzen, the rising interest in  for people here on earth just as he did  seeking information about prayer on  during his earthly ministry (read the
        Google skyrocketed during the month  letter to the Hebrews). Prayer is at the
        of March 2020 as people worldwide  heart of Jesus’ ministry.
 ST JAMES’ PARISH CHURCH  made enquiries about praying.   Before he ascended, Jesus told his fol-
 TIMES OF WORSHIP  House Communions for the sick and housebound are by arrangement  Life during this pandemic is precari-  That promise is celebrated by the
 Every Sunday: Eucharist at 8am and 10.30am.
        Perhaps it is not surprising since a  lowers gathered at Bethany that the
 The Junior Church meet in the Parish Rooms/Nursery School at 10.45am
        root word of prayer is ‘precarious.’  promised Holy Spirit would be sent.
 joining the congregation in Church during ‘The Peace’
 Eucharist every Thursday at 10am
        ous for many people. Pray that every  Church at Pentecost, Sunday 31st May.
        person who has entered ‘prayer’ into  God the Holy Spirit is able to move be-
        the Google search engine may find the  tween the dimensions we call heaven
        peace of risen Christ.
                                            and earth, into the houses and hearts
        The next major festival in the Christian  of people. Just as the disciples were
 Eucharist at 9.30am every Sunday unless announced.
        calendar is Ascension Day on Thurs-
                                            empowered to leave the locked room
 The Junior Church meet in Church every Sunday at 9.30am
        day 21st May. The church celebrates  and venture out, we too look forward
 joining the congregation in Church during the service (finish approx. 10.30am)
        the risen Jesus ascending to heaven,  to the time when we can move about
 Said Reflection – Tuesdays at 7.30pm
        that other dimension of God’s creation  freely once more.
        that we pray will be visible to more  Prayer and promise. At the heart of Je-
 Before you read this magazine, take time to
        and more people on earth and for  sus’ ministry for you while he sits at the
 Relax your body and quieten your mind.  Do not strive or be anxious.
 Be open to God in the silence.  Be silent, be still and let God reach you.  “Just as the disciples were empowered to leave the locked
 God is with you – here – now.  Let God love you.  room and venture out, we too look forward to the time
         when we can move about freely once more.”
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