Tell every Caesar, God is at the Centre because God’s not dead!Finger

As an aid to contemplative prayer and meditation, I use a ‘Finger Labyrinth.’ This allows one to ‘finger walk’ the journey around the labyrinth. The journey with its twists and turns, eventually leads to the centre, to God.

Good Friday was the day that many thought their journey with Jesus had come to an end, and that God was not the centre of anything anymore. Good Friday was a day of treason, trial, fake truth, betrayal, fear and weeping. A day with twists and turns. Where was God? The bloody crucifixion of Jesus is a reminder of the depths of our alienation from God, neighbour and creation. We can place ourselves somewhere in the crowd, somewhere in the events of that day.

Easter is God’s response to our treason, our alienation. We find the Risen Christ at the centre of Easter. As we read of Peter meeting the risen Jesus on the shore by the charcoal fire, we witness the hope of new beginnings, fresh starts and new life. Have you been reconciled to God? Do you know you are forgiven? Reflect on those questions. Be honest. If there is silence in your hearts and minds, or a ‘no’ on your lips, then you will have difficulty entering into and sharing the Easter story of new beginnings, fresh starts and future hope. Your journey may be to seek for and receive that forgiveness and reconciliation with God, to put God at the centre of life.

The Caesar of the Easter story may be long dead. See and hear the news, other Caesars are still around, fake news is still around, so is treason, betrayal and fear. Alienation from God, neighbour and creation is still around, and people continue to weep. Christians are people of ‘The Way.’ Called to be witness on the journey. Carriers and sharers of the story that Jesus is risen. People who believe that another way is possible. The tomb was empty of a body. Hear the risen Jesus call your name and let your hearts be full of His Spirit.