A Poem About My Wife

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Where have you gone?

Why did you leave?

You could not tell me.

I watched you leavinglove heart

In your mind always with me

In my mind you slipping away 

Little things

Forgotten skills

Confusing words.

Once you dressed yourself

Used a knife and a fork

Then dignity slipped away.

Once we slept together

Then you slept by day

And I worried by night.

You Walked into town alone

Enjoying your independence

But friends found you and returned you.

We planned to tour the world

Each able to play our part

Now those dreams are gone  

Others your family now.

Many share your condition

Some care for you as I wish I could  

When I visit Your face lights up

But words do not come.

Your eyes ask how I am

Your touch compassionate

Your lips still passionate.

We sit together

Words from me

Smiles from you  

Cruel dementia

Stealing your memories

But leaving mine.

by Phil Sharman (https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/blog/three-poems-about-dementia-world-poetry-day)

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