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Dear Friends

One of the delights of September for me are sunny days when you can notice the shift from summer to autumn. Out walking one sunny day in the woods near the vicarage, I stopped on the bridge that spans the babbling brook. Bees were out still collecting pollen and nectar, the sun, shining with enough heat for tee shirt and shorts, leaves on some trees just on the turn. There was a stillness. The sap and energy that birthed and grew so much greenery in the spring and summer was ebbing away, returning to the deep earth. The stillness of autumn was descending. Standing on the bridge, I was reminded of the following: ‘Be patient with yourself. Nothing in nature blooms all year.’

As churches across Manchester Diocese move towards building Mission Com- munities, we will certainly need ‘sap and energy’ to explore and grow this initiative to overturn decades of decline and struggle. With this in mind, a meeting is planned for PCC and Congregation members on Thursday 21st October 7.30pm to 9pm at St. Mary’s High Crompton. Refreshments served from 7pm. Please feel free to attend to find out more, have a shared conversation and ask questions.

In the meantime, see 8 page pull-out in the centre of this magazine which will explain more about Mission Communi- ties. Please take time to read it.

The meeting assumes life will remain free from legal restrictions around Covid19. However, the meeting organisers strongly recommend all current social distancing and mask wearing remain. The only flexibility would be at the re- freshment time before the meeting.